Sweden (with Olga Korol)

In Sweden, everything is created to be convenient for people. There are luxury hotels, various ski resorts are varied, the sights are well-kept.

Olga Korol admired the views of Stockholm so much! International Translation Center Myvic Solutions LLC is an international company; our offices are around the world! But we continue to grow up, so we are looking for new business partners, projects and the opening of new offices!

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden.. Here, on the 14 islands, there are indeed many interesting things to see: museums, architecture and many others. In addition to this, Sweden is known for “Volvo” and “Abba”, “Carlson, who lives on the roof,” and the ceremony of awarding the Nobel Prizes. The main principle of the inhabitants of the country is good quality in everything and maximum comfort for a person – both at work and on vacation. And for sure Sweden is famous for its cuisine – simple, satisfying and so similar to Ukrainian.

The main beauties of Sweden are of natural origin: the severe tundra of Lapland, the islands of the Gulf of Bothnia, the green hills of the west, the rocks of Norbotten, beautiful lakes.

Cultural attractions are mostly located in the major cities: Malmö, Göteborg and Stockholm. Acquaintance with the capital you should begin with a visit to the Royal Palace: inside a spectacular building with 4 facades you will find luxurious interiors and interesting expositions. The most impressive is Livrustkammaren – a treasure trove with decorations, dresses, weapons and other artifacts from different eras. Another tourist Mecca is Vadsten Abbey, founded in the 14th century. Other excellent places for the promenade are the elegant district of Gamla Stan and the open-air museums of Skansen and Millesgården.

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