Medical Translation and Pharmaceutical Translation by “MYVIC SOLUTIONS” International Translation Center

Medical translation and Pharmaceutical translation are ones of the most wanted (and, no doubt, complex) kinds of translation, successfully performed by Myvic Solutions LLC International Translation Center.

 Thanks to the many years’ experience of our team of highly qualified medical translation professionals (medical translators, medical editors, “narrow” specialists of The Ministry of Healthcare, leading specialists of scientific medical institutes and  medical research centers) Myvic Solutions LLC International Translation Center performs high quality medical translations with maximum of attention to details and nuances, understanding the high cost of medical mistakes.

The Myvic Solutions LLC International Translations Center professionally performs the next kinds of medical translations: 

Translation of  medical research, Translation of biochemical researches, Translation of clinical tests of pharmaceuticals, Translation of Research Agreement, Translation of Agreement on Clinical Research Implementation, Translation of Clinical Research Performance Act, Translation of Conscientious Agreement Form, Translation of medical research record, , Translation of medical laboratory technical documents, Translation of lab instruction and schema

Translation of illness history record, Translation of medical record, Translation of case record, Translation of medical certificate, Translation of vaccination certificate, Translation of epicrisis, Translation of extract, Translation of diagnosis, Translation of medical conclusions

Translation of results of laboratory tests, Translation of results of instrumental medical examination and diagnostics

Translation of medical website materials, Translation of medical portal, Translation of medical or pharmaceutical brochure

Translation of medical articles in different domains of medicine, Translation of medical patents

Translation of medical licenses, Translation of doctorate monography in medicine, Translation of medical dissertation, Translation of diploma of medical education, Translation of diploma of a doctor in medicine, Translation of medical certificates and licenses, Translation of medical scientific articles and essays

Translation of quality certificate of medical treatments, cures and medications, Translation of quality certificate of medical appliances, Translation of certificate of quality of implantates,  Translation of certificate of quality of prosthesis

Translation of medical workbook, Translation of medical thesaurus, Translation of medical film

Consecutive interpretation of medical seminars, Simultaneous interpretation of medical conferences

Translation of annotations & instructions for use of pharmaceuticals

Translation of etiquettes of medical products, Translation of packaging of medical products & pharmaceuticals

Translation of documents for licensing of pharmaceuticals, medical solutions & tools

Translation of documents for registration of pharmaceuticals and medical tools

Translation of documents for certification of pharmaceuticals and medications

Translation of documents for certification of medical technical appliances & tools,

Translation of medical equipment use manuals

Translation of documents for certification of pharmaceutical production lines and industrial equipment

Translation of documents for certification of veterinary products and pharmaceuticals for animals treatment

Making of medical glossary, thesaurus and vocabulary of medical terms


International translations Center of Myvic Solutions LLC also performs URGENT notary’s certification of medical documents, notary’s authentication of translated medical documents, apostille of medical documents, full legalization procedure of medical documents for various countries. 

The cost of the high quality medical translation by The Myvic Solutions LLC ITC is estimated in individual order, related to the volume, details and nuances of the document, need in notary certification of medical document, approximately 39 USD for a page of document. 

The term of performance of the medical translation by Myvic Solutions LLC is estimated in individual order, because the quality in this kind of translation is the primary and highest priority, but we posess all resources to perform medical and pharmaceutical translation rather quickly, thanks to our reach experience and reach database, approximately 7 days.

You can get a high quality non-expensive translation of medical documents, translate medical documents, translate medical analysis, translate medical tests results, translate medical examinations acts and results, translate surgical operations acts, translate documents for infertility treatment, translate documents for The Ministry of Healthcare— easily, quickly and confidentially, plus to get all supportive and related services, and, unlikely to ordinary translation bureau in Kyiv and translation agency in Kiev, you can get full “turnkey” service, just contacting Myvic Solutions LLC International Translation Center in any comfortable for you time by the next contacts: 

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