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Software localization (“L10n“, localization, localization of the server software, software localization for Windowssoftware

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is one of the most relevant, popular, complex areas of modern translation and multicultural and functional adaptations that is successfully performed by  the “Myvic Solutions” LLC International Translation Center for many local, foreign and international companies, software publishers, IT-integrators, outsourcing companies, game studios, web studios, internet projects , software developers and designers teams, operating systems, games, massively multiplayer online games, antivirus, mobile applications, browsers, social networks, websites, portals, blogs, and more.

Unlike most traditional translation agencies and translation bureau in Ukraine and the CIS countries, who are understanding the phrase “software localization” as a name for just the translation of the user interface and help documentation,

professional team of software localization department of the “Myvic Solutions” LLC International Translation Center (translators-localizers, system analysts, programmers-editors, programmers-developers, UI-designers, testers-native speakers, web programmers, web designers, game designers, pro-gamers, professionals of the leading specialized research institutes and associations, analysts marketers, project managers),

thanks to a unique long-term practical experience, knows exactly that software localization is much larger,

much more complicated and complex process, that often involves not only the translation, but also the cultural, functional and other adaptations of multiple elements and processes, including cultural and legal features of the software in different countries and professional fields of application:

number formats, date formats, time formats, currency format, other local standards;
keyboard layouts, keyboard shortcuts, keyboard combo’s;
specific characters, special characters, special signs;
typical colors, standard shapes, size and location of the individual elements, ergonomics, “usability”;
text, font, length of sentences, the typical phrases, expressions, slang, names, titles, and terminology;
dialogs, recourse to the user, semantic compliance;
graphics, images, animations, diagrams;
historically approved features of the interface, methods and practices of the use, the stereotypes;
conformity to the mentality and cultural environments of different countries;
compliance with ethics and social morals of different countries;
compliance with local and international laws, and more.

Neglect or inattention to these features (sometimes minor and hardly noticeable at first glance), which can be made by common translation agencies and translation bureau in the process of software localization, can lead to various unpleasant incidents(serious or funny: misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the meaning by the user, the erroneous use of elements interface, ignoring  of the full functionality, inadequate work program or a complete failure, and, finally, to the most terrible: complete misunderstanding of where to go, what to do and what to press to escape the crowds of monsters and go to the next level or location in a computer game) for the user, software developer, publisher of computer games, the site owner or a social network account owner, and, in result, may seriously affect the commercial success of software, sales of games, the success of the campaign, and, of course, image and brand reputation of the label, studio, company in foreign markets and in a professional environment.

Software localization in Kiev, Banking software localization in Kiev, the localization of PC games in Kiev, the localization of Mac & iOS games in Kiev thelocalization of MMOG in Kiev the localization of XBOX games in Kiev,  the localization of PlayStation games in Kiev,  and localization of websites in Kiev (sometimes with, at first glance, a very simple external appearance, interface design, and other elements … but only professionals know how difficult is to achieve this functionality, “simplicity”, understandable and convenient for any user …) are on the crossroads of many complex applications of  different sciences disciplines:

Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics, Semantics, Stylistics, Ergonomics, Psychology, Ethics, Culture, Standards, Programming, System Design, Interface Design, System Analysis, System Architecture, Design of complex information systems, Integrated Testing, and Project Management processes, Marketing, and therefore require the coordinated work of the team of professionals with excellent education, knowledge, competence and experience in more than one of these disciplines and sciences – all of these posses, and is rightly proud of,  the team of department of software localization of “Myvic Solutions” LLC International Translation Center.

Software localization in Ukraine, game localization in Ukraine, web site localization in Ukraine often reveals to the professional team of the software localization department of “Myvic Solutions” LLC International Translation Center need for a thorough rethinking of logic elements, interaction, processes, design, presentation, appearance and features of interface, because the images, methods, processes, business practices, models of training, mentality and traditions of use of information systems in the target locale (country, region, market) may differ significantly from the primary culture of the original source.

Software localization in Ukraine, therefore, requires not only excellent knowledge of languages of translation,

of the subject of translationvocabulary and terminologybut also excellent knowledge of the national standards of different countries, very good understandingof psychologymentalitytraditionsstereotypescultural and other differences between people from different countries, different languages, besides the knowledge of many principles of programmingsystem designinterface designmultiples features of a variety of operating systems and file formatssoftware creation,development and optimization, principles of ergonomics and the “usability” of graphic design,but also a well-organized complex approach, splitting of a localization process into several stages, the first of which is not a translation but a preliminary deep system and cultural analysis of the source and original features of the target locale, and last but not least important, is the complete continuous and final deep testing of the localized product, so attentive thoughtful individual approach to each projectcompetent analysiscoordinated work of experienced staffuse of latest software localization tools (SDLTrados Passolo and many other specialized tools), excellent time managementprofessional project management are necessary and guaranteed keys to successful implementation of your projects (software localization in Ukraine, game localization in Ukraine and website localization in Ukraine) in “Myvic Solutions” LLC International Translation Center.

The cost of professional software localization, professional localization of games and professional web site localization in “Myvic Solutions” LLC International Translation Center depends on many factors and therefore is determined accurately during consultations with experts of our department of software localization,however, it is guaranteed to be less than cost of it in many translation bureau, translation agency and localization companies in Ukraine, CIS countries, America and Western Europe, without compromises with the high quality, full extent of cultural and functional adaptation, the compliance with local and international standards and requirements for software localization.

Time and timing of professional software localization, professional games localization and professional web sites localization in “Myvic Solutions” LLC International Translation Center also depend on many factors (e.g. volume and nuance of software, game, web site, the number of target locales, the need of re-design, the need to involve the “narrow” specialists, time and methods of testing), exactly determined through consultations with experts of our department of software localization and is about from 14 to 90 working days, but the time can be extended (according to the agreement and TK), because  the high quality and conformity is a key priority in the implementation of any project on the qualitative software localization, game localization or website localization.

You can easily and quickly, confidentially, efficiently and inexpensively get a software localization, game localization, web site localization for different locales (countries, regions, markets):

Russian localization Estonian localization English localization Arabic localization
Ukrainian localization Finnish localization American localization Chinese localization
Belarusianlocalization Danish localization Australianlocalization Korean localization
Bulgarianlocalization Norwegian localization Belgianlocalization Japanese localization
Polish localization Swedish localization French localization Hindi localization
Czech localization Azerilocalization German localization Turkishlocalization
Slovak localization Georgian localization Italian localization Uzbek localization
Hungarianlocalization Armenian localization Spanish localization Slovenian localization
Romanianlocalization Kazakhlocalization Portuguese localization Serbian localization
Latvian localization Greek localization Dutch / Holland localization Croatian localization
Lithuanianlocalization Canadian localization Swiss localization UAE localization
Albanian localization New Zealand localization Montenegro localization South African localization;

and to translate documents (translate from Russian, translate from Ukrainian, translate from English, translate into Russian,

translate in Ukrainian, translate into English and other languages), to obtain all the necessary related services and,

in contrast to the common translation agencies and translation bureau, a full “turnkey” service by contacting the “Myvic Solutions” LLC International Translation Centerby the following contacts at any time convenient for you:

The “Myvic Solutions” LLC International Translation Center also provides urgent notarized translations of any documentsApostille of the translated official documents, and provides a full urgent consular legalization of documents for different countries.