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Legal translation is one of the most wanted and important kinds of translation,successfully performed for many local and international organizations by Myvic Solutions LLC International Translation Center.


Legal translation requires a special thoroughness, great attention to details and nuances,maximal accuracy and precision, and, certainly, excellent proficiency in legal terminology and traditional proceduresof legal workflow management, civil, corporate and criminal law, advocate and notary procedures, court process and law enforcement.


Thanks to the many years’ unique practical experience of our department of legal translation team(legal translators, editors of professional legal editions and magazines, lawyers, advocates, notaries, patent advocates, attorneys, judges, specialists of The Ministry of Justice and others Ministries) Myvic Solutions LLC International Translation Center successfully performs, with precision, speed and confidentiality, legal translation of many legal documents:


Translation of different agreements, Translation of complex written treats, Translation of bilingual contract, Translation of multilingual contract, Translation of  international agreements and treats, Translation of external economical contracts, Translation of statuary documents, Translation of certificates

Translation of law acts, Translation of laws, Translation of law’s amendments,

Translations of comments to precedents, Translation of different Codex statements

Translations of documents for court processes, Translation of documents for arbitrary courts, Translation of international court legal processes, Translation of side s’ declarations, Translation of written asks, Translation of witnesses, Translation of protection arguments, Translation of accuse arguments, Translation of advocate’s correspondence, Translation of advocate’s license, Translation of proofs documents, Translation of court judgment, Translation of court statement

Consecutive oral interpreting of court processes, Simultaneous (synchronic) real-time oral interpreting of court processes, Interpreting of sides negotiations

Translation of passport, Translation of certificate of birth, Translation of certificate of marriage, Translation of certificate of divorce, Translation of certificate of death

Translation of diplomatic documents, Translations of letters to ambassadors,

Translation of letters to councils of other countries

Translation of diploma, Translation of addendum to diploma, Translation of attestation, Translation of addendum to attestation, Translation of education certificate

Translation of insurance contract, Translation of rental contract, Translation of service contract, Translation of buying-selling contract, Translation of franchising contract, Translation of commission contract, Translation of transmission of the right of use contract, Translation of marriage contract, Translation of job contract, Translation of employment agreement

Translation of certificate of a private entrepreneur, Translation of certificate of tax payment, Translation of certificate of registration, Translation of documents for registration of representative office of foreign company

Translation of power of attorney, Translation of testament, Translation of gift giving contract,Translation of monitor contract, Translation of documents for adoption

Translation of documents for intellectual property rights protection, Translation of patent, Translation of useful model and specimen description, Translation of invention description

Making of legal glossary, Making of vocabulary and thesaurus of legal terminology


International Translation Center of Myvic Solutions LLC also performs URGENT notary certification of legal documents, notaries authentication of translated legal documents apostille of legal documents, and urgent full consular legalization procedure of legal documents for various countries.


The cost of the high quality legal translation of one standard legal document by The Myvic Solutions LLC International Translation Center is estimated in individual order, related to the language used, volume, details and nuances of the document, need in notary certification of legal document, and is approximately about  20  USD (for translation of personal passport).


The term of performance of the legal translation by Myvic Solutions LLC International Translation Center is estimated in individual order, because the precision and exactitude in this kind of translation are in high priority, typical time is about 1-3 working days.


You can get a high quality non-expensive translation of legal documents, translate court documents, translate advocate documents, translate attorney documents, translate embassy documents, translate consular documents, translate documents for visa center, translate documents for The Ministry of Justice — easily, quickly and confidentially, plus to get all supportive and related services, and, unlikely to ordinary translation bureau in Kyiv and translation agency in Kiev, you can get full “turnkey” service,  just contacting Myvic Solutions LLC International Translation Center in any comfortable for you time by the next contacts:


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