Berlin (with Mykhailo Bondar)

It is very difficult to count all the sights and entertainments of Berlin. It is one of the most cheerful and cozy cities in Europe.

Most of the city’s residents, especially young people, speak English well, and therefore you will not have any problems with communication. Also, keep in mind the fact that there are a lot of visitors who communicate mostly in English.

During 5 days spent in the heart of Berlin, Mykhailo Bondar has visited the Reichstag, the castle of the Prussian Kings and the National Gallery! It was unforgettable! We also recommend you to visit these sights of Berlin. There were also managed to hold successful business meetings and negotiations/

It is rather sad, but still a reality : There are very few truly historical sights in Berlin. For the most part, they are carefully and very neatly restored residences, cathedrals, whole districts.

Of course, everything starts in the “heart” of the city, where the never-sleeping Reichstag pulsates and the symbolic Brandenburg gates rise. Not far from here, you can find the fragments of the famous Berlin Wall. Its length was about 155 km (43.1 km from the city), and the height reached 4.1 m. Now the wreckage of the wall can be bought as a souvenir. Among the rarest monuments of the 19th century in Berlin there, is the Wilhelm Kaiser Memorial Church, the New Synagogue is also the “largest café in Europe” in the Kurfürstendamm boulevard. All major sights of Berlin are located very close to one of each other.

Also in Berlin there are a lot of completely free attractions, here we will mention just a few of them: – Open-air museum “Topography of Terror” (Topographie des Terrors) – German Technical Museum (Deutsches Technikmuseum) – Gallery East Side Gallery

To try the famous German beer, do not go to an expensive restaurant, but to a local pub, where they serve mostly just beer and snacks.

Travel! It is very interesting!

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