How did you spend your New Year’s weekend?

Just few days ago, Mykhailo Bondar returned to Kiev from his trip to Lithuania, Vilnius!
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Vilnius! The capital of Lithuania!
The major center of tourism in Lithuania is Vilnius. There, travelers can admire numerous historical and architectural sights and ancient monuments. The ancient capital was Trakai, the marvelous Kaunas, the marine beauty named Klaipeda, the colorful Palanga with its sandy beaches and therapeutic sanatoriums, the coniferous forests of Birstonas and the world-famous resort – Druskininkai.

Mykhailo had an interesting acquaintance with people from different countries (America, Finland, Great Britain and Cyprus), great part of them could speak Polish and Russian. And sure, how they could miss the chance to walk through the streets of such a magnificent city!? The National Museum of Vilnius, along the beach promenade… In addition, the new gastronomic discovery was made – a pig’s ear (it’s very tasty!!!).

Everyone who comes to Vilnius can find something close to his heart: the romantic Old Town, small cozy cafes and restaurants with original local cuisine, various architecture styles: from baroque to modern, a lot of entertaining events and just a cheerful atmosphere with generous hospitality towards the tourists.
In the end, everyone comes to the same point of view: Vilnius is an unforgettable and remarkable city of ancient temples and cathedrals, green parks and public gardens. All of them create such a magnificent atmosphere. Anyway, even a short trip around Lithuania will leave a deep footprint in the heart of a traveler.

Travel! It is an extremely exciting experience!

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