Retailers CEO Summit – top managers’ experience in your retail business in Kyiv

On October 7, 2015 with the technical support of simultaneous translation from the Company “Myvic Solutions” (MYVIC.COM.UA) there was held in Kyiv the Retailers CEO Summit – a landmark meeting of recognized experts and practitioners of Ukrainian retail – operational and executive directors (Chief Execution Officers, CEO) of the leading Ukrainian retail chains with their colleagues wishing to share experience and together to find an answer to the most exciting issues of our time: “How Ukrainian retail business can increase effectiveness of operations and sales amid crisis?”

The main speakers and trend-setters of the event assisted by interpreters of the International Translation Centre “Myvic Solutions” were well-known top managers of major international and national networks, such as METRO CASH & CARRY UKRAINE, MTI/INTERTOP, ARBER GROUP, SPORTMASTER, PROSTOR, PRIVAT BANK, WOG, who warmly agreed to share their unique practical experience with colleagues and partners from other trade and service companies, and to tell how to use crisis time effectively not only for stabilization of marginality and optimization of expenses, but also for further development of sales in difficult times of the marked reducing purchasing power.

The agenda included the most important issues of the modern retail in Ukraine: “The efficiency of business and management of operating expenses,” “Comprehensive optimization of payroll budget”, “Omnicanals – a challenge for the modern retail”, “Relationships with Clients as an object of profitable investments”, “Where to find sources of sustainable growth on the rapidly declining market in Ukraine?”

These very interesting and, at the same time, quite difficult topics of vivid reports and active discussions, due to high-quality simultaneous interpretation, which was provided in Kyiv by the International Translation Center “Myvic Solutions”, were fully disclosed, widely negotiated and supplemented by practical case studies of such famous Retail Guru, as Martin Schumacher (CEO of METRO C&C) and Andreas Kornberger (CEO of MTI), which, according to the popular belief, brought all participants of the Summit of COOs real practical benefits in the form of urgent recommendations for optimizing operations and proven in practice ideas for development of Ukrainian retail chains, even in an era of deep economic crisis.

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