Fourth Judicial Forum of Ukraine – Legal and Judicial Translation in Kyiv in changing times

Features that Legal and Judicial Translation in Kyiv face in times of dynamic change of the entire judicial system of Ukraine in times of change are unique and have no analogues on the post-Soviet territory. This was once again demonstrated by the Fourth Judicial Forum of Ukraine, which today is not only the most influential platform for exchanging views and experiences among professionals of law, justice and penal systems, but also a place where almost in real time the future of the whole judicial system of Ukraine is created.

Legal and Judicial Interpretation and Translation that are provided at this Kyiv Forum by experts of the Legal Department of the International Translation Centre “Myvic Solutions” are an important and integral part of such magnificent, because leading lawyers of many world countries take part in it.

Experienced legal translators of the International Translation Center “Myvic Solutions” helped experts to negotiate in Kyiv the finest moments of judicial reform in the more than 15 languages of the world, to actively share positive and negative experiences of the introduction of various advanced changes in the judicial system of Ukraine, England, the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Georgia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Kazakhstan and other countries, to give seminars, round tables and conceptual discussions during which there were produced the best recommendations for the future of the reforming process of the Ukrainian judicial system and its gradual harmonization of with the relevant modern European and world standards.

Such legal translation, where there are not only different languages and mentalities at the same time, but also quite different systems of law with all their subtle differences and age-old traditions, requires an interpreter not only to have professional language skills, but also to have the actual knowledge in a particular area of law, and deep understanding of complex and controversial topics, which can be obtained only through a law degree and many years of experience in this area of law.

For example, at the Forum during reports participants quite often differently named the same concept, sometimes generalized different terminology, related acronyms and abbreviations were used in written documents, which however have quite different meanings in different countries. As a rule Latin used to neutralize those differences of law since ancient times, but, as the experience of recent years showed, modern lawyers, especially the younger generation, use it less and less. Of course, the situation is often saved by the widespread use of the English language, due to the world wide popularity of the English law. However, as experience has shown timely assistance of an experienced and well-read legal translator simplifies and speeds up mutual understanding among lawyers and jurists representing different countries of the world at the prestigious event.

Organizers and Participants of the Fourth Judicial Forum have expressed appreciation to the specialists of the company “Myvic Solutions” for the quality and efficiency of interpretation and legal translation and expressed their sincere desire to continue mutual cooperation in the future Fifth Judicial Forum in Kyiv that was gladly accepted by the Legal Department of the International Translation Centre “Myvic Solutions”.

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