In order to quickly organize exports from Ukraine and CIS countries to the EU, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Romania, Czech, USA, Canada, China, O.A.E., India, Korea, Asia, Africa, Kazakhstan, Iran and the CIS, learn how to increase the export sales of Ukrainian production companies, effectively promote the Ukrainian brand, product, goods, service in Europe And get all the services of foreign trade in a complex and “turnkey”, you just need to contact with international company “MYVIC SOLUTIONS” IN KIEV.

Today the Department of Export Development, Import Support and Foreign Economic Activity in “Myvic Solutions” is able quickly and professionally to ensure for your enterprise, plant, factory, production, service and trading company, agricultural firm and holding company, the development of export sales, import supplies and comprehensive support of your foreign economic activity in Ukraine, CIS, EU, USA, Canada, China, India, Asia and Africa, and:

  • 1) To conduct a comprehensive marketing research of the external export market, its nuances for Ukraine, competition on it for raw materials, industrial and food products and services
  • 2) To develop an effective export sales strategy and plan to promote your products and services abroad
  • 3) To develop and reliably register for your Company a good international brand, trademark, domain name, correct packaging and marketing materials for your export products
  • 4) To create and translate a beautiful presentation, website, catalog of your Company and its products in English or ANY other foreign language
  • 5) To adapt your products to the requirements of Ukraine, the European Union, the USA, Canada, the U.A.E., India, the CIS
  • 6) Quickly to pass all the necessary formalities, licensing and certification
  • 7) Quickly to develop your EXPORT and EXPORT SALES for your products or services
  • 8) To find you abroad RELIABLE permanent wholesale buyers, customers, clients, buyers, to provide logistics and stability of imports, prices, and quality
  • 9) To provide comprehensive support for EXPORTS “on a turn-key basis”: conducting correspondence, participating in exhibitions, translating documents, website, catalog and commercial offer into foreign languages, conducting negotiations, legal support, signing contracts, preparing specifications and all necessary documents, customs formalities (brokerage , “customs formalities”), shipment, logistics and transportation of your products to your foreign Client, training of the Client’s employees, acceptance and processing of complaints
  • 10) To find a HIGH-QUALITY and INEXPENSIVE foreign SUPPLIERS of goods, products, materials, components, parts, spare parts, systems, filters, accessories required for your production and profitable business for importing and distributing foreign goods.

Unlike many colleagues, the specialists of the Department of Export Development, Import Support and Foreign Economic Activity of “MYVIC SOLUTIONS” do not confuse the big demands and small quotas of the EU, the deep economic and other crisis in Ukraine, Europe and the World, the eternal complexities of customs formalities, the dynamic exchange rate of the dollar and the euro, and the stereotyped attitude of buyers in other countries to companies and products from Ukraine and the CIS (“Chernobyl, Vodka, Kalashnikov, Shevchenko, Klitschko, Bubka, Dynamo, Borshch, Salo, Pancakes, Ikra, Mafia”), the specificity, simplicity and commonness or complexity and high manufacturability of your products and services.

We quietly do our difficult, stressful, challenging hard work, successfully overcome for our clients any obstacles on all continents and always fulfill contractual obligations.

It is obvious, that we expect from expect the same serious and proper attitude towards us as your partners, and to your potential foreign Buyer or Supplier, as a positive business reputation in international economic relations is an indispensable condition for your success.

The advantages of cooperation with the Department of Foreign Economic Activity of ITC «MYVIC SOLUTIONS» for your business:

  • 1) Individual, diplomatic, comprehensive, practical and pragmatic approach to business management and international business issues
  • 2) Having a well-developed network of professional business contacts in many countries of the world
  • 3) Friendly relations with the economic cooperation departments of different embassies
  • 4) Long-term friendship with top managers and owners of well-known international companies and organizations
  • 5) Mutually beneficial relations with producers and purchasers of goods, service providers
  • 6) Huge unique experience in the creation, preparation, translation, editing, legal assessment, notarization of contracts, contracts, agreements and many other international documents
  • 7) Positive experience in preparation, holding and participation in international business forums, exhibitions, business negotiations and presentations
  • 8) We freely speak, communicate and solve business issues in English and many other foreign languages.

We will be glad to help your business and enterprise to effectively develop the Export and Import in Ukraine, CIS, Europe, America, Asia, Africa, win a good segment of the external market and prove the high competitiveness of your local products and services on the world stage.

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