Myvic Solutions LLC in China!

We are the Great International company! Our offices are opened in different corners of the world! And now we are looking for partners in the beautiful country – China!

China is the country that resembles a riddle for many people…

China is the country with rich history as well as with interesting present, the country that combines fidelity to the traditions of one of the most ancient civilizations in the world and modern rhythm of big megalopolises’ life. The rich history and culture of this country, its huge territory and a natural variety create a wide variety of choices and opportunities for traveling and having rest. China has presented us such great breakthroughs as paper, publishing, gunpowder and compass, magnificent Chinese silk and porcelain that are well-known around the world.

So, let’s develop together!

We offer a full range of translation services, “turnkey” projects!

Partner relationship allows to save your time, and, as all we know, time is money!

We are ready to discuss all your offers! Contact us – letters with your propositions you can send on our mail:

Thanks for your attention!

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