Berlin International Film Festival “Berlinale”

Our team could not miss such outstanding event of this year! After all, for the European film fans, the Berlin International Film Festival annually becomes a measure of the quality of the novelties of the world film industry. Every year, more than 300 thousand guests and 20 thousand professionals in the field of the film industry from 124 countries visit this event.

During the “Berlinale” in the Potsdamer Platz area there is a very special atmosphere: you can see street illumination, two-meter red bears, and billboards everywhere.
The program of the festival is very rich: almost every minute on different stages several films were demonstrated. In addition to the program of the contest, there are also 8 other sections.

“Berlinale” awards:
The main prize of the festival is “The Golden Bear”. There are three of them: for the best full-length and short films and for life achievements. For the second place, the winner took the Grand Prix of the “Silver Bear” award. This award is given for the best director, best actor, and actress, for the best music for the film and the best script, as well as for the best short film. Another silver bear is for outstanding achievements in the field of art. Traditionally, within the “Berlinale” festival, the award of Alfred Bauer is given for the discovery of new ways in filmmaking. There are also a number of additional awards, including the crystal and bronze bears, the prize for the best debut and many others.
The choice of the award is not accidental: the bear is the heraldic symbol of Berlin.
The awards of the Berlin International Film Festival are one of the most prestigious in the world.

This is a grandiose event!

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