Trip to Orphanages with Friends from Italy

Today we want to talk about orphans and orphanages in Ukraine! We visited 4 orphanages in Chernihiv and Zhytomyr regions of Ukraine in February, 2018. Oleh Lyashko went to one of these schools.

International Translation Center Myvic Solutions LLC accompanied our friends from Italy who help these schools by repairing buildings, buying beds, replacing windows, buying new washing machines, giving presents and inviting guys to their country to have a rest for a month in summer.

In one of these schools disabled children study together with healthy children. Thanks to teachers, they live in friendship and respect each other. These children are very lucky as their teachers do their best! In these schools, 10% of children don`t have parents, and as for the rest, it was hard for their parents to feed them. For example, one 6th-grade pupil told us that there are 15 children in her family!

The teachers are thankful to the investors for their help. They say that even most children from two-parent families don`t have such conditions as their children do. A lot of famous people were brought up in orphanages, and it didn`t break them down, but rather hardened them, and they did their best to achieve their dreams!

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