Why is there a need in quality DUBBING and reasonably inexpensive translation of movies, TV series, anime in Kiev, Warsaw or Los Angeles for the product with the high-quality picture, people go to movie theaters and buy video content to watch, not to listen? This is a frequently asked question for the specialists of the Translation and Dubbing Studio at «MYVIC SOLUTIONS» by new customers, representatives of distributors, producers, sales-houses, TV channels and studios.

Usually, the professionals of “Myvic Solutions” answer that the question, WHERE and HOW well, quickly and inexpensively to RANSLATE and duplicate VIDEO, cinema, film and SUBTITLES IN KIEV into Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Czech, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese or any other foreign language, does not care only connoisseurs of the silent black and white masterpieces of the brilliant cinema pioneers Charlie Chaplin and Luis Bunuel.

Many negative consequences, the most difficult of which can be determined are sad consequences of such a misunderstanding of the importance of dubbing and the translation of movies and TV series for their success in the media market, TV channels and in the cinemas of various, including well-known, production studios and distribution companies, in Kiev, Moscow, Minsk, Astana, Sofia, Budapest, and, as a result, financing of translation and dubbing of films on the “residual” principle. and they are the following:

  1. The disappointment of viewers (consumers of video content) by a clearly faulty translation that turns a bright story into a “misunderstanding”, and drama into a comedy;
  2. Irritation of the spectators with boring, monotonous, often monodic and not emotionally dubbed and voice-over, when the same “grandpa” with the same “aunt” for many years quietly and confidently transforms the holiday of sparkling humor and wordplay into the endless funeral of the video series;
  3. The failure of brilliant local films at prestigious competitions and international film festivals because of an incomprehensible and indistinct dubbing, but often – in general, the complete absence of even the translation of subtitles;
  4. The resulting reduction in the attractiveness of the original high-quality video product for the viewer-consumer, and thus a logical rapid decline in its sales and box office receipts, as well as a lack of revenue from advertising and the release of related products…

And here comes another, logical and rhetorical question: who and why do we need such a “super-economical” translation and dubbing of good films and beautiful animation, if such “super-economy” leads to negative, directly opposite expected results and disappointment and producer, and the distributor, and, most importantly, the viewer?

We sincerely hope that our short answer was clear enough so that you, our esteemed potential client, understood the importance of the quality work of not only screenwriter, director, actors, cameramen, animators, installers and FX gurus, but also translation and dubbing specialists, Without attentive and qualified help, which today cannot do even the coolest masterpiece of Hollywood, in Kiev, Ukraine or any other country, the Translation and Dubbing Studio of ITC “MYVIC SOLUTIONS” will be happy to help you at any time, write or call us.

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