Effective UNIQUE SEO ARTICLES and TEXTS for WEBSITES, stores, blogs, social networks, in English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, EU, England, Switzerland, Canada, USA, U.A.E., China


Effective UNIQUE SEO ARTICLES and TEXTS for WEBSITES, stores, blogs, social networks, in English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, EU, England, Switzerland, Canada, USA, U.A.E., China and around the world, in ENGLISH, GERMAN, SPANISH, FRENCH, ITALIAN, PORTUGUESE, POLISH, CZECH, ROMANIAN, HUNGARIAN, BULGARIAN, DUTCH, KAZAKH, CHINESE, JAPANESE, HINDI, FARSI, ARABIC— It is very profitable, efficient and cost-effective, at the same time absolutely clear, “white” and transparent solution of your complex search engine optimization (SEO), promotion and promotion of your site, target audience (TA) of which is local population, foreigners, the population of another country, speakers of other languages, cultures, religions, upbringing, mentality, consumer stereotypes.

It is necessary to understand that UNIQUE SEO ARTICLE and EFFECTIVE SELLING TEXT in KIEV In English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Georgian, Kazakh, Turkmen, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese and other Foreign languages — it isn’t just a translation of СЕО text, for example, from Russian into English, such a primitive approach here DOES NOT WORK, even if this translation is ordered from some native speaker of a foreign language, just because it is impossible to easily translate your algorithms, semantic and technical nuances, consumer stereotypes, mentality, preferences, interests centers, psychological aspects, social characteristics and many other subtleties in foreign, especially, knowing and understanding nothing about them, how they work, interacting, constantly changing the course of time, real life, the development of society, technology, search algorithms and the Internet.

The benefits of a UNIQUE SEO ARTICLES and quality “SELLING” texts of Kiev and Ukraine in ENGLISH and other foreign languages before widespread, often cheap, but rarely effective, so-called “technical methods” of search engine optimization and website promotion, are significant and obvious:

1) One-time payment, not a monthly and multi-year “money-lure”
2) Unbeatable profitability (cost/efficiency ratio)
3) High efficiency with the correct structure and work with the site
4) Over time, efficiency increases, but does not subside, with the right approach
5) Continuous constant action, round the clock, without lunch and weekends
6) Self-advertisement on the Internet and social networks, subject to the urgency
7) Absolutely transparent, legal, clear, transparent method and tool.

Department of Copywriting and SEO in ITC “Myvic Solutions” offers professional services to create linguistic solutions and tests for different websites, social networks, and tasks:

1) Unique articles, reviews, materials, content for the SEO of your website
2) Selling texts for the main page, sections, and descriptions of the goods of your online store
3) Clinging SEO texts for your social network account in FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKEDIN, PINTEREST, REDDIT
4) Exciting reviews of your brand, project, product, service, online activities for presentation, advertising and crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo
5) News, attracting the attention of clients, partners, investors, mentors and patrons for a corporate and personal blog
6) Excellent press releases, news, reviews and articles for paper and online media, magazines, newspapers, portals
7) Nice and convincing interview to raise the reputation of your personality, company, project, and organization
8) Any of your “whim” legal text by your worthy financial resources.

OUR CLIENT — is a person, a company, organization, foundation, start-up, project, store, media website that:

1) knows perfectly well that the high-quality, well-thought-out, carefully created “tailor-made” with all your wishes, “sharpened” exactly for your nuances, subtleties, and specificity of your SEO TEXT, with proper application is an effective and very cost-effective tool for business, charity, image raising and reputation restoration
2) Perfectly understand that a quality professional tool with a guarantee of the effect of its use even in severe cases and conditions – by definition cannot cost too cheaply


1) SEO — Pages of the website with the text in TOP-30/20/10/5 of GOOGLE search in 3/6/9/12 Months
2) PROMOTION — The increase in traffic / attendance / quotations by 5-50%
3) «SELLING»- Increase in popularity / recognition / feedback / conversion by 5-50%
4) REPUTATION— Gradual change of your negative image on the Internet and real life in vague / neutral / positive
5) Advertising — Excellent cost / performance / campaign efficiency.

OUR SERVICES COST: Contractual, depending on the complexity, urgency, volume, language.

OUR CONTACTS and how to order Quality unique article and effective SЕО text For your website, store, blog and project in Kiev or any other city in the world in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Kazakh, Chinese, Hindi and other languages:

1) pre-determine which text, for what and whom you need
2) write us a short letter with your request for info@myvic.com.ua
3) receive our reply to your inquiry within the next 24 hours.

We will be happy to help you to achieve success with the help of real pragmatic and creative copywriting by professional linguists with many years of practical experience of Copywriting and SEO Department at the International Company “MYVIC SOLUTIONS”.

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