Students of KNLU have finished practical training

2 weeks ago 9 girls entered the door of Myvic Solutions LLC office, for the purpose of practical training!
During this time girls have gained new knowledge, have seen the work inside the office, how to do translations of different level of hadness, and of course, participated in process.

9 absolutely different girls have got the new experience.

Emily Pionova: “It was very interesting and informative! The location of American House was very pleasant.”

Elizaveta Sviridova: “There were interesting meetings, I have seen how people work with the translations, how to deal with the analysis of the market.”

Sasha Sokolova: “I was excited with the American House, I have seen how to do the translations of different types!”

Girls, we congratulate you with the end of practice and give you certificates that you deserve!
Use and multiply your experience and knowledge, achieve success, set great goals!

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