Simultaneous Interpretation, Kyiv

International Translation Center “Myvic Solutions” organized simultaneous translation of the Conference for psychologists under the auspices of the Organization of the Deutsch-Russischer Austausch.

  • Location: Kiev
  • Language of the event: Bosnian

The conference lasted 3 days in early September 2015. The translation involved a whole group of professional translators, who replaced each other from morning till evening all day long during the conference. The participants from Europe and different parts of Ukraine found a common language were satisfied with international communication.

Although it’s rarely possible to hear Bosnian and other South Slavic languages in Kiev, and it wasn’t a surprise for the Myvic Solutions Translation Agency. Our team often conducts such events, simultaneous or consecutive interpretation of more popular languages.

And sometimes translators of our translation agency are at the very heart of events at the state level, as it was the case with the simultaneous translation of the 60th anniversary of Radio Liberty.

You can always order services of simultaneous translation in the International Translation Center “Myvic Solutions”. We will help to organize sync even in the case of rare languages, several languages or the highest state level of the event.

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