High-quality simultaneous interpretation and equipment rental for it, inexpensively and on a turnkey” basis in Kyiv and Ukraine are necessary for companies and organizations for the success holding of various events (forums, conferences, meetings, round tables, discussions, presentations, public speaking), with participation of foreign guests, visitors, reporters, speakers, experts, politicians, scientists, cultural figures to provide complete “seamless” communication with them virtually in real time, which allows to solve three major complex practical problems:

1) to almost completely avoid the “language barrier”, providing communication and mutual understanding of native speakers of different languages ​​without time delay;

2) to fit into rigid timeframes of the event, as a rule, strictly limited by its program;

3) to provide an audience-friendly content for its live broadcast and processing by mass media covering the event.


For qualitative simultaneous translation in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities from English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, you will need 5 basic elements:

1) an experienced simultaneous translator (or rather, two simultaneous translators, “a simultaneous couple”, for simultaneous translation in both directions, for example, from English into Russian and from Russian into English);

2) rental of an equipment set for simultaneous translation in Kyiv (a standard set usually includes 2 cabins, 2 remote controls, 2 sets for interpreters, a set of wired or wireless headsets or devices for the event participants, a set of connection cables and transceivers, power uninterruptible supply units and other essential components);

3) technician for correct placement, connection, equipment setting and testing;

4) manager controller of simultaneous translation for organization and provision of continuous operation of interpreters, regardless of possible changes in program throughout the event;

5) venue of the event suitable for organization of simultaneous translation (conference room, meeting room, negotiation room, studio and other specially equipped or suitable for preparation of the premises).


You can order comprehensive service on simultaneous translation in Kyiv and Ukraine greenfield and on a “turnkey” basis, including interpreters of English and other foreign languages, equipment rental for simultaneous translation and its complete technical and organizational support on the event of any type and dimension safely and quickly at the International Translation Center “MYVIC SOLUTIONS”, that for more than 10 years has been providing quality and affordable solutions for simultaneous translation for many international and national organizations, foundations, commercial companies and individuals:


1) quality simultaneous translation in Kyiv, throughout Ukraine, the EU, the USA, Canada, the UAE, from/into English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Hungarian, Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Kazakh, Russian, Ukrainian;

2) a close-knit team of experienced certified interpreters and managers;

3) a complete set of modern high-quality equipment for simultaneous translation (from 10 to 5000 persons);

4) excellent conference rooms in the city center, ready for your event;

5) comfortable transport to move guests and participants of your forum in the city;

6) the possibility of business trips for our interpreters and technicians to your event abroad;

7) attention to your needs, fast response and an individual approach;

8) affordable prices and nice additional discounts for regular customers.


For a free consultation, order and organization of simultaneous translation you can just call or write to the manager of our Simultaneous Translation Department – everything else is a matter of engineering and specialists of “MYVIC SOLUTIONS”

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