Simultaneous translation in Kiev by MYVIC SOLUTIONS helps European transport infrastructure reforms in Ukraine

Great simultaneous translation in Kiev for the official event of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the Delegation of the European Union, the Embassy of Spain, the Embassy of Poland, the Ministry of Transport of Spain, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development of Poland, dedicated to summarizing the most important 2.5-year TWINNING project for preparing pragmatic reforms of the Ukrainian transport infrastructure, proved once again the importance of a quality and timely translation.

Simultaneous interpreters of ITC “Myvic Solutions” provided full linguistic support for the Kyiv event in real time, and thus guaranteed a full, friendly and highly productive dialogue between the curators, experts and project participants, among which were
The head of the EU delegation in Ukraine, Mr. Jan Tombinski, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain Mr. Gerardo Angel Bugayo Ottone, the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland Mr. Henryk Litwin, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Mr. Nikolay Snitko, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine for European Integration Ms Oksana Reiter, Adviser to the Ministry of Transport of Spain, Ms. Matilda Fernandez Balbin, Advisor to the Minister of Infrastructure and Development of Poland, Mr. Ireneusz Maicher, Adviser to the Ministry of Transport of Spain Mr. Juan José Montero.

All participants of the event, high-ranking guests and experts, with pleasure noted the high level of quality and organization of bilateral simultaneous translation from Ukrainian and Russian into English and from English into Ukrainian and Russian by ITC «MYVIC SOLUTIONS», despite the numerous features of speech, speakers, the continuity and diversity of speeches, as well as sophisticated specialized terminology.

As a result, the outcomes of the unique international project were summed up at the highest level and, moreover, the beginning of the next important stage in the implementation of the reform by the Ministry of Transport Infrastructure of modern Ukraine under the patronage of foreign counterparts mentioned and the Delegation of European Union was emphasized.

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