Road Safety Foundation and the best Translation Center “Myvic Solutions” contribute to improvement of safety of road users in Kyiv and Ukraine

Road Safety Foundation in Ukraine, which has united many interesting people, qualified interpreters and respected organizations with the only important purpose – to maximize safety on the roads, routes and ways of Ukraine, already for many years has been known for its unceasing work and effective practical actions that despite multiple objective and subjective obstacles, bear real fruit, saving lives of many people today.

Unlike many predecessors who heroically tried to change a difficult situation with traditional, mostly passive methods with the corresponding level of efficiency, the Road Safety Foundation in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine, focusing on the best world experience and recommendations of generally recognized experts, has a comprehensive approach to security problems of movement, focuses on regular practical activities, forums and workshops, interesting and useful international initiatives (e.g., ROAR FOR LIFE UKRAINE), modern innovative approaches, constant consultation of experienced local and foreign experts, translation and promotion of effective training books and manuals, and most importantly, active involvement of all road users to dialogue and cooperation for the sake of overall security.

Complex of operations on improvement and maintenance of road safety has many important components, such basic ones as scientific (the study of conditions, situations, members of movement, objective reasons of violations, identification of possible improvement methods), legal (Rules and Laws, practice of their interpretation, optimization and practical application), technical (technical condition, means of technical control, means of technical security, new technologies), educational (education of existing and future drivers, pedestrians, patrol policemen).

Consequently, useful events and forums for all concerned, including children and parents-drivers that are regularly organized by the Road Safety Foundation with assistance of many Partners, including influential foreign foundations and international organizations on road safety, require both qualitative interpretation and written Scientific, Legal and Technical Translations, which are traditionally performed at the highest level by the experienced professional translators of the International Translation Center “Myvic Solutions”, and thus making its feasible contribution to, literally, vital for every Ukrainian Foundation’s.

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