Profitable and affordable franchising of your own stable business of translation agencies in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, CIS, Europe and other countries of the world is a unique opportunity for you from the well-known International translation center Myvic Solutions LLC!

You have long been thinking about opening your own TRANSLATION AGENCY?

You really wanted to found your own TRANSLATION AGENCY in the CIS, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Vladivostok, St-Petersburg, Astana, Atyrau, Minsk, Brest, Chisinau, Ashgabat, Tbilisi, Poti, Yerevan, Budapest, Vilnius, Amsterdam …?

Did you dreamed of becoming the owner of a small but stable business, while not investing your own significant funds and without losing a lot of personal time?

But you were afraid to start your business because you thought it was difficult, long and expensive?

And would you like to open your translation agency quickly, simply and almost for free?

Start translating to order for customers HERE and NOW and Earn worthy MONEY IMMEDIATELY?

To become IMMEDIATELY known and popular in the business environment, gaining a significant advantage with many competitors?

So that your potential clients can find you And your contacts, and immediately turned to you, and not to your competitors?

You thought it was impossible or just incredible fantasy?


Our well-known international translation center «MYVIC SOLUTIONS» offers you to get not just our franchise, but an excellent RARE OPPORTUNITY to realize your old dream and EASILY, INEXPENSIVE and SIMPLE:


  • To get our high-quality and specialized INFORMATIONAL, ORGANIZATIONAL, TECHNICAL, LEGAL AND MARKETING support

ALL THIS (and much more …) — now it is very affordable for us for all entrepreneurs who want to open a new or develop an existing professional and quality business – a profitable translation agency or a translation agency.

WE ARE READY TO SHARE MANY VERY VALUABLE THINGS WITH YOU, OUR NUMEROUS KNOW-HOW, Today it is very difficult to obtain and purchase even for huge amounts of money:


  • OUR KNOWLEDGE and skills,
  • our effective approaches to the conduct of translation business,
  • our specialized information and marketing resources and media, advertising platforms and business resources,
  • our system and practice of control and management
  • the quality of specialized and responsible translations (technical, medical, legal, financial, literary, simultaneous translation),
  • our strong and popular brand, widely known in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Holland, Turkey, Hungary, Greece, Poland, China, Japan, USA, U.A.E., England, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and many other countries of the world,
  • all that has been created, established and achieved by us during 10 long and difficult but bright and interesting years of intense and focused professional activity in the international translation business – thus, having obtained our franchise and the right to use our brand, our know-how and our business resources, our comprehensive assistance, as a result of becoming our worthy partner — the franchisee, you can avoid that rather thorny and long way again by yourself and learning from your own expensive business experiments and mistakes — You will save time, funds and efforts considerably, and will START TO EARN ON TRANSLATION ALREADY TODAY!!!

We are ready to share our success with you.

We are ready to help you quickly, simply and easily to build your own profitable business in the written and oral consecutive and simultaneous translation industry.

We are ready to provide you with an affordable and effective franchise of a bureau or translation agency in your city or your country.

With all this, we will not ask you for too much, unlike many other existing franchises and business proposals.

So, WHAT DO WE OFFER YOU (of course, these are the basic conditions, which will be specified in more detail in the course of our individual negotiations with you):

To open a new one, to restart the old one or to develop an existing bureau or a translation agency in your city with minimal financial, organizational and time costs, having received from us:


1)  WELL-KNOWN STRONG BRAND, enjoying well-deserved popularity and trust among many domestic, foreign and international corporate and private consumers – customers of written and oral translation around the world;

2) POWERFUL INFORMATION SUPPORT: Your own branded personal section on our corporate website, including an informational and promotional article about you, your news, your contact information, positive feedback from your customers, your recommendations, your effective advertising, optimization and promotion of your section and its marketing materials in different Internet segments, various professional communities, business circles and social networks;

3) EXCELLENT TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Your direct dial phone number in your city, your personal branded e-mail address on our corporate website, your free consultation, affordable apartments for rent and sale for you of various professional technical equipment, computer equipment and software for your communication and translation, including equipment for simultaneous interpretation of top-level events, official speeches, negotiations, meetings, delegations, international conferences, seminars and business forums;

4) COMPREHENSIVE ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORT: Our time-tested and practical recommendations for effective management and development of the bureau or translation agency, our tips and advice for organizing a reliable, fast and economical workflow, as well as for the cost-effective operation of your office, advice on recruiting, testing and managing the personnel of the translation agency, practical recommendations to control and manage the quality of translations, accounting, receiving, making settlements and payments, avoiding the typical financial and other risks of your translation agency, explanations on practical nuances and aspects of the translation business;

5) EXCELLENT MARKETING SUPPORT: Our seminars and trainings on effective search, attraction and retention of your potential customers, your advertising, your articles and promotions on our corporate website, as well as on our numerous profiles of popular social networks, your publications, interviews and articles in the specialized press and popular glossy and business magazines, your presence at our corporate marketing events, your participation in serious business forums and international exhibitions;

6) DECENT LEGAL SUPPORT: Our experienced international lawyers will provide you with comprehensive advice on the legal nuances of the translation business, including fast and reliable notarization, regular and double apostille for various organizations around the world, the process of legalization of any official documents, important aspects of the translation of international contracts and agreements, powers of attorney and certificates, nuances of written and oral translation of legal proceedings;


If you have the desire and the opportunity to start your own business, but there is not yet an experienced qualified or highly specialized personnel (for example, at first), the time or opportunity to process and execute a complex, urgent or large order, or you have been ordered a translation from a rare language or into rare foreign language, or You received an expensive and responsible order For simultaneous translation of an official event, And you do not yet have enough experience and necessary expensive high-quality professional technical and computer equipment — No problem, there is nothing terrible in it, You do not need to despair, refuse an order and lose your client and profit —  because we are happy and on mutually beneficial conditions we will help you in a quality and on time to fulfill an order of any type and any complexity, with the help of our exclusive modern technologies and professional equipment, and most importantly – with the help of our excellent specialists and our unique and proven pool of specialized professional translators, Including translators-native speakers who have vast experience and practice of translation and interpretation, as well as our large experienced team of editors and stylists, specialists in the localization of computer programs, websites and games, designers and make-up artists, dubbing specialists and voice acting films, cartoons and television series;

8) CONSTANT CONSULTING AND MORAL SUPPORT on any issues of conducting and developing an effective translation business, competent advice on all the nuances of providing quality written and oral consecutive and simultaneous translation and its high profitability for you and your business.

And WHAT WE WILL REQUIRE OF YOU IN RETURN (Few basic, but the most important conditions of our possible cooperation with you, which will be discussed in more detail in our friendly negotiations with you):

1) Control and maintenance of Permanent HIGH QUALITY of your translations for your Clients by you;

2) Your excellent BUSINESS ETHICS and ATTENTIVE ATTITUDE to your Clients and their wishes;

3) Your honesty and friendliness in relations with us

4) Basic transparency of your reporting and activities under our franchise;

5) Your serious attitude and interest in the translation business and its nuances;

6) Your basic, smart and non-questionable reporting for controlling organizations;

7) Opening and maintaining of your office (or home office) by your means (There are no strict requirements for size and location);

8) 5-10% of your monthly net profit.

We draw your attention to the fact that when providing our franchise, interest and trust of our existing and your potential customers to our brand and to the high quality of services that are provided, we prefer entrepreneurs who have a specialized higher linguistic education and / or good business education, and the preliminary positive experience of doing business in any sphere of the economy  is also desirable.

Nevertheless, We will carefully consider the requests of ALL those wishing to receive our franchise and build their successful business under our well-known Brand, as in business not only knowledge and experience are important, but also a strong desire to achieve success, perseverance, energy, sociability, unconquerable optimism, a team of faithful like-minded people and self-confidence and strength.

And many of the theoretical and, most importantly, useful practical knowledge and certain experience that you need you can get and learn from our regular professional adapted seminars and training in the field of translation and interpretation, management and marketing of the translation business, as well as in the process of your own further translation and commercial activities with the help of our advice and consultations.

If you are interested in our unique offer of an affordable and profitable business translation franchise “Translation Bureau” or “Translation Agency”, if you want to quickly, conveniently and easily start your translation business with our effective help and our beautiful famous Brand, we will always be happy to talk with You and answer your inquiry about possible cooperation and franchising of the translation agency, as well as all your possible additional questions at any time convenient for you.

Dear friends, linguists, and translators, entrepreneurs and businessmen, our future franchisees, feel free to contact us – we will always be glad for a mutually beneficial and cooperative partnership with you!